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Transformed Teachers: Creating empowered and flourishing future adults. - Developmental Preschool and Kindergarten - Teacher Training

  • Developmental Preschool and Kindergarten 11401 W. Broward Boulevard Plantation, FL 33325 USA (map)

This lecture is oriented towards teachers interested in their own personal growth and transformation, conscious of the importance that they have in the life of the children they care for.  The “Significant Adult” in the life of a child has the capability of providing empowerment for a flourishing future adulthood of such child.

Discovering experiences that correlate to a flourishing life can bring opportunities for world transformation. If some of those experiences can be shared with conscious parents and teachers, the probabilities for increasing happiness and flourishing in the world are higher.

In this conversation, Dr. AnaMaria Rivera presents the results of her investigation, focused on exploring early childhood experiences that contribute to an empowered and happy life.  The main research question was: “What are some early childhood experiences that are correlated to a future adulthood of empowerment and flourishing? And is unconditional loving a common element in the majority of them?”

This lecture will present the details of this interesting scientific research and will explain the results obtained, the most significant variables, the crucial experiences in the life of a child that are correlated with a life of happiness, the role of parents, teachers and caregivers in generating these experiences and the “ways of being” of the adult that have a direct impact in the life of the child.

Finally, Dr. Rivera will present relevant conclusions to the impact of parents and teachers in the life of the child.