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Transformational Leadership: Being a Leader - Temple University - EMBA - Cali, Colombia

  • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Calle 18 No. 118-250 Cali, Valle Colombia (map)

Performance is a core measure of fulfillment, as well as a reflection of it.  Organizations both for profit corporations and non-profits aim to increase levels of performance and can achieve only so far with current resources, tools and technologies. Increasing levels of performance is also crucial in sports, academic pursuits and personal relationships, any area of our lives in which we aim to be more fulfilled calls for an acceleration in performance. This course presents an invitation to actively explore participants’ own humanity and unveil what has been hidden as “blind spots” that ultimately limit performance.

Only LEADERS can drive performance to superior levels, only people who have actively developed themselves as leaders can break through stagnation and reach unprecedented performance breakthroughs, at a personal and team levels and in all aspects of life: work, family, well-being, social contribution or spiritual fulfillment.

Based on an ontological exploration that happens in an experiential way, and drawing on quantum physics, neuroscience, transformational leadership and cutting edge organizational research, the course guides participants into discovering purpose, declaring commitment, creating radically new futures and unveiling the source of power to generate themselves as leaders and accelerate performance in any area of their lives, be it managing teams, achieving professional results, solving pressing issues or transforming personal relationships – including those with themselves and, as a result, the organizations in which they are part of, will experience accelerated levels of performance