Transforming Inherited Conversations

As I was growing up, the common agreement was that I did not paint well, I did not draw well and I was not artistic at all. I believed it, I bought it, I carried that conversation and allowed it to constraint my desire to make art.

I have intentionally never passed this limiting conversation to Sofia... she is free to express herself in whatever form she wishes to create as her art...

Living inside her empowering conversation, I have found joy in allowing myself to use a blank canvas, a brush and paints and do whatever I want without the urge to judge my artistic capabilities. 

In this space that I am sharing now with Sofia, I have found freedom to just be and do and express myself... however that looks like in the canvas. I am grateful to my daughter who is my teacher and my gift...

Here is what we made today, working side by side, singing Cher songs, discussing Elton John and Medieval Kings and Queens of England, Scotland and Spain, and enjoying the miracle that we are to each other..

By the way, I love her version of Frida!